Snapchat Event

Assassins Creed is the upcoming largest video game film of all time. Partnering with Snapchat would provide a gamelike experience at the live event with using exclusive snapchat utilities.

All Access

Prior to film’s release, a live Assassin’s Creed event will be hosted in a mock Spanish church and guests will be able to log in and receive exclusive snapchat filters and geotags. Once logged in guests at random will be chosen to be either a “Assassin” or “Conquistador”; two warring factions in the film.


Depending on how many “assassinations” you have at the event exclusive trophies can be unlocked including rare private screening passes.

Contract List

After the release of the film more Assassin’s Creed features will be released to the public. Most notably, users will have the ability
to change their contact list to a “contract list” and will be able to “assassinate” your friends for more trophies and unlocks.

Killer Filters

Once assigned as an “Assassin” or “Conquistador” guests will be able to use an exclusive filter to “assassinate” rival guests featuring a unique filter animation.